Teaching in Color: A Music Teacher's Toolbox - Blog Series 1: "Left, Right, Together: A Col

When working with beginner students the Grand Staff can be a bit overwhelming. Putting hands together and combining notation, timing, and finger patterns can be very challenging for students. Many youngsters also have a lot of difficulty distinguishing left hand from right hand. To prevent frustration and foster progress I utilize my writing tools in a unique way that makes learning the grand staff fun and motivating.


  • Highlighters or Colored Pencils/Crayons (Two Colors)

  • Rubber Wrist Bands (Two Colors)

* Wrist bands can be purchased from Oriental Trading, Really Good Stuff, or your local teaching supply store.


Have student choose the two colors of wristbands. Select two colored writing tools to match the wrist bands. Use one color for the right hand/treble clef and the other color for the left hand/bass clef. Then have the student use the colored writing tool to highlight the stems of the notes in each clef. (See above photo). Students will practice and perform using the bracelets and color coding as a visual aid to assist in combining the playing of both hands in a composition.

"Sit back and listen to the beautiful music!"

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