Teaching in Color: A Music Teacher's Toolbox - An Introduction

I have a confession to make. I have an obsession. Well, to be honest I have a few. Coffee (who doesn’t?), chocolate (no brainer!), slippers (not just any…FLIP-FLOP slippers), and let me lower my voice a bit for this one…”highlighters” (written with a whispered tone). Yeah, you read it right. Let me explain…

I am unable to physically drive by an office supply store without stopping. Staples, Office Depot, and even the Hobby Lobby have become my hangouts. I want one of every color that I can get my hands on! My obsession is so out of control that I have included a line item in my budget called “Highlighters and Other Marking Tools.” (I am really not kidding!)

I have not always had this fetish for watered down ink tools. This is a recent development. It was about two years ago that I learned how effective these writing tools are when teaching and learning piano and music theory. I began using them with my very young musicians when needed, but now I use them in every lesson for every student in various ways.

The days of marking up music in grayscale lead are over! Throw out those pencils and make room for tools that will make your teaching bright, colorful, and most importantly, effective.

In this blog series, I am going to share with you what I have in my Music Teacher Toolbox and how I utilize these tools in strategic ways to get my musicians, young and old, learning!

Each week I will post a new teaching strategy for you to apply in your own practice. So follow me on this journey as we work to fill this world with beautiful music!

Next Week:

Blog Series (Infographic) 1: "Left, Right, Together: A Color Guide to Teaching the Grand Staff"


Elizabeth C. teaches music theory and piano lessons in Brick, NJ. She is a state-certified teacher with extensive experience working with children of all ages, including individuals with special needs.

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