Online Learning with WizIQ

We at Keys to Success Piano Academy have carefully researched and engaged in product demos for numerous online classrooms.  We selected WizIQ for the enhanced smartboard and learning features that the platform allows.  Students will have an interactive learning experience in our "Online Studio."

Computing Device

The best devices for this purpose are either a laptop or tablet (I-pad)

High Speed Internet

A good internet connection is a MUST so that video feed and audio content are in sync and in real time.


A built-in webcam is needed for video conferencing and is standard on most computing devices.  In addition, a small external webcam is recommended for filming overhead the piano, or at a side angle for technique development and assessment of student skills.

Headphones with Mic

A combination set of headphones and microphone is essential.  The program will only allow conferencing with the external headphone/mic.  If a student does not have this equipment, the audio will be distorted and will echo repeatedly. 

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